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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Review: Rock Symphonies

I recently received a copy of Rock Symphonies, the latest release from best-selling classical artist David Garrett, and it is unlike any classical music I have ever listened to. It is classical and rock blended together - amazing.

Check out this video to get an idea of the Rock Symphonies sound - and David's cool style.

Here's a bit from his bio:
A child prodigy born in Germany, Garrett has been amazing fans around the world since he was a young boy.  By age 12, Garrett was playing on stage with the London Philharmonic, the Los Angeles Philharmonic and the Russian National Orchestra. His self-titled debut album, David Garrett, debuted in the states at #1 on the Classical Crossover Chart and held the position for 31 solid weeks in 2009.

If you like classical music and/or rock, this album is worth checking out. I probably wouldn't have gotten it on my own, but I really love it.

Disclosure: this CD was provided by Team Mom for review. All opinions are my own.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Review: Moon Dough

A few weeks ago we received a new product to review called Moon Dough Barnyard.

Moon Dough is basically like a marshmallow like version of play doh. It is a little strange at first because you expect it to be like play doh, but it is much drier and not as sticky - yet it totally forms awesome shapes. It doesn't stick to or stain anything, which as a mom, rocks to me.

It is geared at ages 2-4 and let me tell you, Elias LOVES it.

What's really cool is that when you put the dough in the farm and pull the lever an animal pops out of the chute. Elias thinks it is the coolest thing. I would definitely recommend this product.

Disclosure: I was provided the Moon Dough Barnyard from Team Mom to facilitate my review, but thoughts are my own. 

Friday, August 20, 2010

Review: mOmma Baby Feeding Products

I have a tendency to buy all the latest stuff when it comes to baby feeding gear. I just love trying it all out.

Needless to say, when I received the box of stylist mOmma products, I was in love. It is the prettiest and trendiest feeding product line I have ever seen.

This Italian line incorporates a rounded, ergonomic design that allow cups, forks and spoons to rock back-and-forth, keeping kids entertained during meals and eliminating spills all at the same time.

Elias loved the shape of the cup and drinking out of the straw. It also was really easy for him to hold.

The line also includes bottles and an amazing meal set with a warming plate. Everything is really European and beautiful.

The design of all the products keeps the parts that touch babies’ lips away from tabletop germs - totally love that - especially when going out to dinner. The products are also PBA and phthalate-free, which is so important.

mOmma is currently hosting the mOmma’s messiest mOmments photo contest now – September 10, 2010.  Parents can enter a photo of their tot’s messiest mealtime moment for a chance to win a prize pack of mOmma product for themselves and a friend (total value: $104.50).

I think this shot of Elias would be perfect:
Check out mOmma today!

DISCLOSURE: I was provided a mOmma Non-Spill Cup, Cup with Straw, Warm Development Meal Set, and the cleaning accessory as part of Team Mom, but the thoughts are my own.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Pop On Pals are Perfect for Two-Year-Olds

When I received the Pop On Pals Amusement Park Play Set, I was really excited to give it to Elias. We decided to save it and wrap it up for his birthday.

After opening it, he immediately loved it. The amusement park has lots of functions - kids can roll the car down the coaster, strike the strong man bell, ride the ferris wheel and dragon swing and win the milk toss game.

Elias's favorite is definitely the ferris wheel because it plays music when it is spun. He loves to just spin it around and around. 

The little character literally POPS into the different spots, which is cute and fun.  It is also the perfect size for Elias to hold. Children can attach different rings around the character to make him become different things - a muscle man, etc., but Elias doesn't seem to really get that yet. :)

The only thing I was disappointed by was that for the $34.99 price point, I think it should come with at least two characters, not just one. But, Elias seems to be just fine with moving the one little guy from one point to another.

These toys are available at Target, Kmart, Toys R Us, Sears and more - I would definitely buy more, especially if they are on sale.

Disclosure: I received these items to review as part of Team Mom, but all thoughts are my own.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Backyard Safari Outfitters

As Elias is getting older, he is totally showing signs of being a true boy who loves to explore.

That's why I was excited to be introduced to the Safari Outfitters line, from Summit Toys.

I was recently sent a few items from their line and immediately fell in love.

Check out my friend Jamie's daughter wearing the cool Backyard Safari Cargo Vest and looking for bugs with a vengeance. 
Right now Elias is a little young for the line, but I can totally see him LOVING these products when he is about five-nine. They are just so fun.

In addition to the vest, Safari Outfitters sent us their award-winning Bug Vacuum, which is totally a cool way for kids to catch bugs, as well as a Megaview Periscope that can be used underwater. It is big and fun!

I love toys that stimulate the imagination, and these do just that! Also, I love how well-made these products are - especially since they are all under $20!

You can follow Backyard Safari Outfitters on Twitter or Facebook.

Disclosure: I received these items to review as part of Team Mom, but all thoughts are my own. Compensated affiliate links used.