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Friday, September 3, 2010

Review: Moon Dough

A few weeks ago we received a new product to review called Moon Dough Barnyard.

Moon Dough is basically like a marshmallow like version of play doh. It is a little strange at first because you expect it to be like play doh, but it is much drier and not as sticky - yet it totally forms awesome shapes. It doesn't stick to or stain anything, which as a mom, rocks to me.

It is geared at ages 2-4 and let me tell you, Elias LOVES it.

What's really cool is that when you put the dough in the farm and pull the lever an animal pops out of the chute. Elias thinks it is the coolest thing. I would definitely recommend this product.

Disclosure: I was provided the Moon Dough Barnyard from Team Mom to facilitate my review, but thoughts are my own. 

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